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Right now, it's more important than ever for our community to come together to create reopening plans that meet the unique needs of Clark County students, support the economy, and prioritize the health and safety of each and every person.

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Who is trustee danielle ford?

  Who is trustee danielle ford?

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What is the role of a Trustee?
Trustee for School Board Candidate: Danielle Ford
What are your thoughts on the state of education funding in Nevada? What, if anything, can the school board do about it?
We don’t have the right priorities. The stadium is a perfect example of us having our priorities backward. There was an emergency meeting called to discuss the stadium, no problem, but even though we’re in a huge budget crisis right now, they won’t call a session to discuss the room tax. I’ve heard so many people say, “Vegas is a transient town, so it’s hard to invest in the students when a lot of them leave.” Transient or not, we must make the investment. Whether a student is here for half a year or their whole life, they should get the best education possible. We need to elect people who have the right priorities. We need to put people on the school board who have no personal agenda and who will keep pushing the state to fully fund education.
What is the biggest challenge or obstacle CCSD faces? How will you work to fix it?
The biggest problem CCSD is facing is a shortage of teachers and lack of graduates who want to become Educators because of how poorly they have continually been treated. We can begin to fix this, while solving many other problems, by starting an early education program at every high school. Students who are interested in a career in Education could take it as an elective. Teachers could bring their kids at no cost. I know many teachers who can’t work because they can’t afford childcare. Teen parents could bring their kids at no cost and be able to continue their classes and graduate. Parents in the community could bring their children on a sliding scale. For many parents, childcare costs more than what they earn at a job, so they end up on Government assistance, are judged for it, and are then told to go get a job. It’s ridiculous. This would allow for more parents to be able to work during the day and it would add new revenue streams.
Nevada ranks at the bottom of the ratings in a number of nationwide studies. Why do you think that is, and what can the district do about it?
It is foolish to expect Nevada to do better than 50th place without changing the way we’re doing things. We don’t provide adequate pay to our teachers or provide them with enough resources. We evaluate teachers based on students’ test scores, which causes them to teach to the test instead of doing their best work as educators. We’ve overcrowded classrooms which have major negative effects, both academically and socially. We’ll build 5 new housing developments in a matter of months but then it takes years to build a new school. Meanwhile, the schools’ recess space is covered in portables, each crammed with 40 kids and 1 teacher. We all need to step up and demand better for the children of Clark County and the educators who care for them. Many parents don’t know the extent of what’s happening which is why all CCSD meetings should be family and child-friendly so that everyone can become informed, we can bridge all communication gaps, and work together towards real solutions.
What are some ways you think the district can work to make schools safer from violence?
As a parent of 2 children in CCSD, school shootings and violence are huge concerns. We first need to secure all of the schools. Many schools do not have the funds for locks and gates. This is absolutely not OK. There is enough money, it is just a matter of prioritizing. We need to start caring as much about emotional intelligence as we do academic intelligence. We’ll hold a kid back for failing algebra but pass a bully on to the next grade or school, no problem. We need to address mental health and have counselors and social workers on staff at all campuses. Most importantly, we need to put a huge focus towards teaching students kindness, empathy and, respect. Kids need to learn how to safely express their feelings and how to communicate in a non-violent way so that they never grow up with the desire to hurt another person.
Originally posted in the Review Journal Voter's Guide
What is the role of a Trustee?
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