how board meetings work
To sign up to speak at a public board meeting, call the board office at 702-799-7012. 
Regular board meetings are public meetings where the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent discuss and vote on items that impact the district. ex: vendor contracts, work orders, staff hiring and non-renewals, curriculum, policies, etc. These meetings are usually scheduled for Thursday evenings at 5 pm.

Board work sessions are public meetings with Board of Trustees and Superintendent. We discuss and vote on items that impact the School Board. ex: board committees, governance policies, superintendent hiring and evaluation, etc. These meetings are usually scheduled for Wednesday mornings at 8 am.

Special board meetings are public meetings that don't follow the regular format. There are many types including: 

Full day retreats (I'm not sure who named these, they should be called "full day meetings". Workshops are usually about a particular topic and include community involvement.
Officer meetings happen in the Board of Trustees conference room. Usually just the board President, Vice President, and Clerk attend to discuss how the board will operate.
Joint meetings happen when the board needs to confer with a committee or another governing body. Both meetings run simultaneously. 

Committee Meetings: Board-appointed members oversee specific areas and then give their opinion to the Trustees to vote on at a regular board meeting. The board can approve the recommendation of the committee or request changes.

View the board activities calendar to find upcoming public meetings...

Find upcoming and previous board meeting agendas here...

Learn about different board committees here...

Watch board meetings in real-time here...
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